Morus Rubra

Red Mulberry

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Red mulberry (Morus Rubra) is a small- to medium-sized deciduous tree.  Its sweet fruits are edible and look like blackberries. They can be eaten raw or boiled and are used in cake or pastry fillings. They can also be fermented to make alcoholic mulberry wine.  Red mulberry has variable leaves that turn a brilliant yellow during the autumn.  The red mulberry is the only truly native mulberry in the eastern deciduous forest of the United States. The white mulberry. which can be distinguished from the red mulberry by the lack of hairs on the undersides of its leaves, also grows in the same regions.  However, the white mulberry was introduced to these forests from Asia in the 1700s in an attempt to stablish a silkworm industry.

Technical Data

Plant Height 33 to 66 feet
Spread 20 to 40 feet
Bloom Time Spring, Summer
Harvest Time Summer
Hardiness Zones 4 to 10
Sunlight Full sun