Jersey Giant

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The Black Jersey Giant was originated in Burlington County in New Jersey during the 1880's.  A good heavy breed but a slower growing bird. A dual purpose chicken eggs/meat. They have a black beak and legs with yellow padding onthe bottom of their feet with an intense green sheen. They have a single comb with no more than 5 points.

Technical Data

Egg Production 200-260 per year (estimates only)
Egg Shell Color Brown
Egg Size Large
Temperament Docile, Calm
Recognized Variety Blue, Black, White
Gender accuracy 80-85%
Fertility Percentage 65-80%
Broody Setter
Mating Ratio 9Females to 1 Male
Roost Height 2 to 4 Feet
Country of origin United States, New Jersey
APA Yes, recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1922.

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