Black Australorp

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Australorps are a very gentle natured, docile breed that become attached to their owners. They are a large, heavy bird with close-fitting, soft feathers. The Australorp has white skin.  The shanks and toes are dark slate. The undersides of their feet are pinkish-white to grayish.  Australorps have intense beetle-green sheen on the black birds, dark eyes, deep bodies and are very active.  Their beak is black, eyes are dark brown.  They have red earlobes and moderately large red single comb with no more than 7 points.  In the U.S. they are found in only one color variety, black, although there are other colors recognized outside this country.

Technical Data

Egg Production 200-280 per year (estimates only)
Egg Shell Color Brown
Egg Size Large
Temperament Active Yet Gentle
Gender accuracy 85-90%
Fertility Percentage 65-80%
Broody Setter
Mating Ratio 10 Females to 1 Male
Roost Height 2 to 4 Feet
Country of origin Australia
APA Yes, recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1929.

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